The Ultrapedics Staff

The Ultrapedics Staff

Meet the Ultrapedics staff.

Every patient that walks through our doors becomes part of our family. Patients visit on a regular basis to ensure the proper care and fit of your device. And some just come by to say hello. In fact many of our patients have been with us for 20 years.

Every day the caring and friendly Ultrapedics staff is dedicated helping you return you to the lifestyle you enjoyed prior to your injury or illness. We treat each patient individually and we take our time to ask the right questions and truly listen to your concerns.

Tulio Rivera


Caring and compassionate. Those words often used by his patients to describe Tulio Rivera, CPO and owner of Ultrapedics.

In 1986, while attending F.I.T , Tulio accepted an opportunity to enter the O&P field as an ABC Registered prosthetic technician and from that moment on he knew he had found a lifelong career. Tulio built his skills and knowledge base first working for a large prosthetic practice on Long Island for twelve years and then moving on to work for the largest nationwide prosthetic care provider managing two of their facilities.
With a vision to create his own practice that focused on individual care delivered in a warm, family-like atmosphere Tulio opened Prosthetic Professionals in 2004 and in 2009 acquired Ultrapedics.

Today Tulio and the Ultrapedics team proudly serves private patients and hospital based patients throughout the boroughs of New York City. Tulio serves as the President & Director of Orthotic and Prosthetic services for Ultrapedics . With superior technical skills in all areas of prosthetics and orthotics Tulio’s specialties include microprocessor knee technology, advanced vacuum suspension techniques, pediatric orthotics and spinal orthosis. A passionate patient advocate Tulio works tirelessly to make sure his patients receive the care they need and deserve. Fluent in Spanish, Tulio has also developed a strong following among the Spanish speaking communities throughout New York City. A sought after expert, Tulio is often asked to consult with his colleagues on difficult cases.
In Tulio patients will find a genuinely warm and caring person and a highly skilled practitioner, and from the patients’ standpoint that’s the best of both worlds.

Tulio lives with his family on Long Island.

    Jeff Megiel


    When patients meet with Jeff Megiel, they aren’t just meeting someone who’s well qualified – they’re also meeting someone who personally understands pain and discomfort.

    20 years ago, Jeff was the victim of a drunk driver, surviving a near-fatal automobile accident in which he almost lost his legs. Jeff was able to walk again, but only after years of reconstructive surgical procedures and intense physical therapy. Today, his surgical scars aren’t the only reminders he has of that trauma. Jeff also lives every day with chronic pain and limited mobility.

    Jeff understands first-hand how important it is to patients that they leave his office 100% satisfied. He knows how hard it can be for patients to describe their discomfort, and how frustrating it can be to have those words fall on seemingly indifferent ears. That’s why when Jeff works with patients their satisfaction is his only concern, and they receive his complete attention.

    It’s been over 25 years since Jeff left his family’s business to commit himself full-time to working with those in need of prosthetics/orthotics, and has never wavered in that time in his dedication to his clients and colleagues. He has also never compromised his commitment to excellence, because Jeff knows from personal experience that no one ever wants to hear from their medical professionals the phrase “good enough.”

    Jeff Megiel was born and raised on Long Island. He graduated from New York University (NYU), and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Orthotics/Prosthetics. He has practiced orthotics/ prosthetics exclusively for over 14 years.


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